Оплата временной нетрудоспособности

Citizens, who take part in the state social insurance, have right to get temporary disability allowance. Temporary disability allowance is appointed in following cases:

  • illness or injury;
  • care for a sick family member, including a sick child under 14 years (disabled child under 18 years);
  • caring for a child under 3 years and a disabled child under 18 years during mother's (other person actually caring for the child) illness;
  • caring for a disabled child under 18 years in case of sanatorium treatment and medical rehabilitation;
  • prosthetics;
  • quarantine;
  • maternity leave or adoption of a child under the age of 3 years.

Temporary disability allowance is paid by medical certificate.

Temporary disability allowance is paid for the whole period of temporary disability until the day of rehabilitation (or the establishment of permanent disability), but no longer, than 120 days continuously or 150 days intermittently for the past 12 months with repeated instances of temporary disability in relation to one or related diseases or trauma (for tuberculosis - not more than 180 days continuously or 240 days intermittently in the last 12 months).

Temporary disability allowance is granted in the amount of:

  • for the first 12 calendar days of disability - 80% of the average daily earnings;
  • for the next days of temporary disability - 100% of the average daily earnings.

The average daily earnings are counted for the 6 calendar months preceding the month, when right to benefit is appear.

The minimum rate of temporary disability allowance is 50% of maximum value of the living wage for last two quarters. Since 01.11.2017 till 31.01.2018 living wage is 197.81 BYR.

Sources: §2, 3, 10, 16 and 21 of the Regulations «About the procedure for providing temporary disability benefit and maternity allowance», established by Resolution of the Council of Ministers 28.06.2013 №569

Медицинская помощь

Every citizen (irrespective of their employment status) is provided medical aid under the program for the provision of state guarantees of free medical care to citizens.

Medical care is divided into groups: primary, specialized, highly specialized, medical and social assistance and palliative care. Medical care is provided in the following forms: emergency and planned, in stationary conditions or on outpatient basis.

One of the main principles of the state policy of the Republic of Belarus in the field of public health is priority of health services, including drug supply for women during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period.

The program of state guarantees medical care is set by the Resolution of the Council of Ministers 29.03.2016 № 259.

Sources: §3, 4, 16 and 24 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus «About healthcare» 18.06.1993 №2435-XII; Resolution of the Council of Ministers «About some issues of state minimum social standards in the field of public health» 29.03.2016 №259

Гарантии занятости

Dismissal by the employer’s initiative  during the period of the temporary disability is forbidden,  except in the case of liquidation of the organization, termination of individual employer’s activities, and absence from work for more than four consecutive months due to temporary disability (unless it relates to pregnancy or occupational injury). Special legislation may set a longer period of employment protection for certain diseases. If cause of disability is employment injury or occupational disease, employment is retained until rehabilitation or establishment of invalidity.

Sources: §42 and 43 of the Labour Code

Нормативное регулирование временной нетрудоспособности и несчастных случаев на производстве

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