Запрет работы, наносящей вред здоровью

Overtime and night work, business trips, and working on the weekends are forbidden for women.

Law prohibits the employment of pregnant and nursing women in work injurious to their health. It is prohibited to employ women for jobs with harmful and (or) dangerous working conditions and underground work, with the exception of non-physical work or work on sanitary and domestic services. The list of heavy work and work in hazardous conditions with limits for women is established by the Resolution of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus 12.06.2014 №35. It is forbidden to hire women for work involving the manual lifting and moving of loads exceeding the maximum limits set by the Resolution Ministry of health of the Republic of Belarus 13.10.2010 №133.

Pregnant women must be transferred to another safer job while retaining her previous average earnings. Before a safer work can be arranged for pregnant woman worker, she must be released from work while saving her average earnings.

Sources: §262-264 of the Labour Code; Resolution of the Ministry of labour and social protection of the Republic of Belarus «About the establishment of the list of heavy jobs and jobs with harmful and (or) dangerous working conditions, on which it is prohibited to attract women to the labor» 12.06.2014 №35; Resolution Ministry of health of the Republic of Belarus «About the norms of lifting and moving heavy objects by hand by women» 13.10.2010 №133

Гарантии Занятости

The termination of employment contract with a pregnant worker by employer's initiative is not allowed, except in the case of:

  •  liquidation of the organization;
  • termination of individual employer’s activities;
  • repeated non-performance of job duties in the presence of disciplinary penalty;
  • absence from work without justifiable reasons for more than 3 hours or during the whole workday;
  • drinking alcohol, use of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, their analogues, toxic substances during working hours or in the workplace / being at work in state of intoxication;
  •  on-the-job embezzlement;
  •  violation of safety rules;
  • special grounds for termination of employment contracts with certain categories of workers (teachers, heads of the organization, chief accountants, etc.).

Sources: §268 of the Labour Code

Право на сохранение должности

Worker has a right to return to the same position after availing maternity leave. Women with children under the age of 18 months, in case of difficulty to carry out their previous work, are transferred at their request to another job with wages not lower than average earnings on previous work until the child is one and a half years.

Sources: §183 and 264 of the Labour Code