Сексуальные Домогательства

Сексуальные Домогательства

According to the Constitution, everyone has the right to liberty and security. Individual dignity is protected by the state. Nothing can be a reason for its derogation. Women are guaranteed equal opportunities in all spheres of life, including creation of conditions for the protection of their safety and health. The Labour Code establishes prohibition of discrimination, including on grounds of gender.

Belarus legislation does not contain a definition of sexual harassment. The only article in Criminal Code which can be used in cases of sexual harassment in the workplace is the ‘compulsion to perform sexual actions’. The compulsion of a person to enter into illicit relation or commissions of sexual actions by blackmail, threat of destruction, damage, or taking of property, or with the use of material or any other dependence of the victim, is punishable by restriction of freedom for up to three years or imprisonment for the same term with a fine and disqualification (or without it).

Belarus legislation establishes criminal liability for offenses against sexual inviolability by the Criminal Code, however, does not focus on sexual harassment in the workplace. Also there is no provision on employer's liability for failure to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.

Sources: §25 and 32 of the Constitution; §14 of the Labour Code; §170 of the Criminal Code


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